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“Winter Stroll” – Painted embroidery with beadwork

Winter Stroll (2019).
Embroidery, watercolour paints and glass beads on fabric.

Finished this piece almost entirely while sitting in various kid classes. It’s my first experiment with painting and beads added to thread embroidery. I actually set it aside for a year while I started building my jazz portfolio, and reached for it when it came time to roost in kid classes in the winter again . Continue reading “Winter Stroll” – Painted embroidery with beadwork

Arjun, the Owie Doll

This is the first toy I have made exclusively with my son in mind. Kids have it rough; their days are filled with bumps, cuts, bruises, and other kids coughing in their faces (not that they are any the wiser). It seemed to us that our 4-year old and the ice pack had become best friends. So when I saw IkatBag’s “Owie Doll” pattern, I thought that would a perfect doll to commiserate with the forever-bruised.  Continue reading Arjun, the Owie Doll