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“Winter Stroll” – Painted embroidery with beadwork

Winter Stroll (2019).
Embroidery, watercolour paints and glass beads on fabric.

Finished this piece almost entirely while sitting in various kid classes. It’s my first experiment with painting and beads added to thread embroidery. I actually set it aside for a year while I started building my jazz portfolio, and reached for it when it came time to roost in kid classes in the winter again . Continue reading “Winter Stroll” – Painted embroidery with beadwork

Gold lamé cat suit – top re-do

Anyone remember this bad boy from early 2016? I had made it to go as Bond Girl to a 1960’s-themed New Year’s Party. It was made by tracing existing clothing onto the lâmé fabric, and sewn by serger. The original top is in halter design, and getting the right fit on the pants took several iterations.

This month I just updated the top to get a curved neckline, for an event I was singing in. Continue reading Gold lamé cat suit – top re-do

Creating a score via midi on OS X

And now for something completely different. Today I finally figured out how to create a musical score on my OS X laptop, through my midi keyboard. So I’m trying to learn the pretty Ballad du Paris on a piano accordion, and couldn’t find sheet music for it anywhere on the Interweb. Of course, it’s reasonably straightforward to figure out from ear but so much better Continue reading Creating a score via midi on OS X