Episode 1: “Sorry, Wrong Number” – “Suspense” (1948)

Orson Welles called Lucille Fletcher’s 1943 classic noir radio play about a woman who overhears a plot for murder, “the greatest single radio script ever written”. This gripping tale of suspense will keep modern listeners riveted as they follow Mrs. Stevenson’s journey to foil the plot. Will she succeed? The original broadcast of this play on May 25, 1943, was selected for inclusion in the National Recording Registry by the U.S. Library of Congress for being “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant”.

Featuring Shraddha Pai as Mrs. Stevenson, Diane Westgate as the Operator, Lincoln Stein as Sgt. Martin & the First Man, Rashmi Savgur as the Chief Operator and Henchley Hospital Receptionist, Erin Swaine as the Western Union agent, Anoushka Savgur as Information, and Thomas Sarigiannidis as George and the Man in Black. With special thanks to Jack Heeren. Theme song by Aakash Gandhi, via YouTube Audio Library. Produced by Thomas Sarigiannidis and Shraddha Pai.

“Winter Stroll” – Painted embroidery with beadwork

Winter Stroll (2019).
Embroidery, watercolour paints and glass beads on fabric.

Finished this piece almost entirely while sitting in various kid classes. It’s my first experiment with painting and beads added to thread embroidery. I actually set it aside for a year while I started building my jazz portfolio, and reached for it when it came time to roost in kid classes in the winter again . Continue reading “Winter Stroll” – Painted embroidery with beadwork

Gold lamé cat suit – top re-do

Anyone remember this bad boy from early 2016? I had made it to go as Bond Girl to a 1960’s-themed New Year’s Party. It was made by tracing existing clothing onto the lâmé fabric, and sewn by serger. The original top is in halter design, and getting the right fit on the pants took several iterations.

This month I just updated the top to get a curved neckline, for an event I was singing in. Continue reading Gold lamé cat suit – top re-do