Sewing with Kids- Reuseable Snack Bags

A nod to that time of the year: the start of Fall, school, and busy time in academia. These reusable snack bags made a nice Sunday afternoon project with my almost-7-year old. We’ve been using them almost everyday since for school/work snacks. They’re made out of laminated cotton so

they’re washable and wipeable. I was able to make three bags out of 1/3 yard (flower-tree print). By salvaging cotton from an outdated baby project, I made two more. 

The project was perfect for beginner sewing with kids. The design was straightforward (we followed this great tutorial from DIYMommy). It involves some fundamentals of sewing: 

  • folding and pinning the bags (we used plastic-coated paper clips, not pins). Even the 3 year old was able to join in here

  • sewing with a straight stitch with backstitching at the beginning and end

  • sewing seam with right sides together, turning it inside out and seeing the result
  • sewing velcro closures, not as complex as zippers.

Within an hour and a half, you’ve made something useful and with some bragging rights at the schoolyard to boot. 😉