Midnight, the hobby horse


I’ve had the Waldorf-inspired “Creative Play for your Toddler” since before my older child turned two, and would often leaf through its beautiful projects for inspiration: felt animal finger puppets, cloth dolls, tumbling men, crowns and capes, to name a few. While the skills required may seem daunting as you’re starting out to craft, I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in making toys for their children. The hobby horse has been long overdue, and it’s great that my kids are as excited about the prospect of a horsie as ever.

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Wiksten Tova

Just finished my second Wiksten Tova last weekend. The Tova has made the rounds in the online blogosphere; check out these several lovely versions from Karyn Valino. I found its design elegant, with its mandarin collar, placket, and gathered inset.

After three years of on-and-off sewing based almost entirely on instructions and projects from Diana Rupp’s fabulous S.E.W., I decided to take my first sewing class at the workroom in Bloor Parkdale area of Toronto. Continue reading Wiksten Tova

Fleece purse: first sewing machine project for a 5-year old

IMG_2972The coming of the new Bernina 330 in the house was a source of much excitement; for me, of course, but also for my 5-year old. She was able to run a few straight stitches on it at my work desk, and seemed keen to do more. I decided the best introduction would be a simple project that would give her a concrete product, and would take her through the moves. After some scouring on the Internet, we settled on this Quick Sew hobo purse.

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