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Interlude-Ringbearer’s Pillow


It’s been a busy springtime, between a family wedding, innumerable children’s classes, an unexpectedly fruitful job search, and work. My sincere thanks to the Kingkiller Chronicles and Kvothe for giving me one thing to focus on, through this time. In addition to this – or perhaps, because of this,  – the sewing projects of the past few months have been haphazard and Continue reading Interlude-Ringbearer’s Pillow

Wiksten Tova III : more sensible pattern-following


Cold winter mornings are a great time to catch up on the sewing backlog; the chill winds make getting out on my bike a LOT less attractive. Here is a Wiksten Tova in a dressy fabric from Denyse Schmidt (“Ansonia”), a combination that immediately suggested itself when I first saw the gorgeous fabric at the store.  This is my third Tova (first last Feb and second last April), and I can see the difference a year of a-project-a-month has made.

Of course the outfit itself came together quickly because I had gone through the moves a few times before, but there were other notable changes that improved the dressmaking experience: Continue reading Wiksten Tova III : more sensible pattern-following