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Wiksten Tova III : more sensible pattern-following


Cold winter mornings are a great time to catch up on the sewing backlog; the chill winds make getting out on my bike a LOT less attractive. Here is a Wiksten Tova in a dressy fabric from Denyse Schmidt (“Ansonia”), a combination that immediately suggested itself when I first saw the gorgeous fabric at the store.  This is my third Tova (first last Feb and second last April), and I can see the difference a year of a-project-a-month has made.

Of course the outfit itself came together quickly because I had gone through the moves a few times before, but there were other notable changes that improved the dressmaking experience: Continue reading Wiksten Tova III : more sensible pattern-following

Butterick B5954 – Knit tunic


This is my first knit in a long time – the last one was in 2011, a maternity dress I had sewn using my beginner Singer machine. It’s been four months since I made clothes, what with the pigs, the Halloween costume and the racoons. So I was very happy to use some the the Holiday break to catch up on my back-log.  In my experience knit prints are hard to come by, which is interesting considering that a lot of store-bought clothes involve knits. I snapped this one up (Bari J’s “Emmy Grace”)  in Rockland, Maine over the summer. The goal of this project was to sew a knit garment with the serger.  While it bolstered my confidence Continue reading Butterick B5954 – Knit tunic



Leggings! They pair well with tops, tunics, dresses and skirts. They can be in so many lovely colours. Having sewn mostly woven (non-stretchy) fabric, I wasn’t sure about sewing with a knit fabric that is supposed to have a snug fit. Still the temptation was too much, and I took one of Karyn’s fabulous classes on sewing leggings (at the workroom in Toronto). Well! It was a perfect introduction to sewing knits with the serger and the leggings themselves came together VERY quickly. I managed to come home with TWO pairs of leggings, one for myself and one for my six-year old.  And then sewed a pair of orange leggings over a Friday-Saturday, for my daughter’s tiger costume. Score! Four (four!) more leggings will be forthcoming before the cold gets colder: in tan, (two) chocolate, and plum.

Okay, so I was good about taking pictures as I started making the orange leggings, so this is what I will describe here. Continue reading Leggings!