About Tangible Arts

Welcome! You’ve reached Tangible Arts, my chronicle of adventures in garment sewing, toy-making, polymer clay sculpting and embroidery.

I spend my days analyzing large datasets, writing software and documents that live in bits – literally – spread across disparate, powerful computers. Beautiful graphics and compelling statistics that exist only on a screen and, occasionally, on paper. It’s refreshing to create things with texture, form and utility in the material world. To make them for myself, friends and family.

Separately, I come from a family with sub-zero levels of crafting interest, and a generation increasingly immersed in virtual life. I started crafting in my early 20’s and this blog in early 2014. My hope is to inspire people who didn’t grow up with role models in their immediate circle, and are unfamiliar with crafts, to take up one. To experience the joy of making something useful and beautiful and real, with one’s own hands.
I also have the fortune of a buzzing family life with two kids. It’s great to add a voice to the parent-blogger community as one who shares the love of making tangible things with their family.

Drop me a line; I’d love to hear from you.
Shraddha. [ shraddhastein -*at*- gmail -*dot*-com ]

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