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Room with a View

This is one panel of my entry for the 2016 NeuroCentricArts competition at the University of Toronto, titled “Room with a View”. Technique-wise, the work probably moves more towards mixed-media. Elements of the panels make use of fabric appliqué, iron-on transfers, and – this was really fun – block prints made  of stamps carved from soft rubber blocks.

NCA was an art exhibit on 29 April 2016 and artwork featured themes related to the neuron, the brain and the mind. It was a

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Towards fabric printing: an experiment in lino carving


Here I describe the fruits of a recent lino carving workshop my husband and I took at Graven Feather, a letter-press printing art studio in downtown Toronto. My foray into appliqué over the Fall has me curious about composing what I can only describe as “fabric paintings”: a combination of appliqué and printed designs to create a scene. Although I am told screenprinting is better for creating sparse images on the fabric, lino carving seemed to be

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